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Who we are?

Community Centre (CC) is a support center for the LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones. The main activity of the CC includes psychological and legal support.

Our mission

We provide LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones with legal and psychological support, together with you we create a safe space for communication, mutual assistance and exchange of experiences.

Supporting LGBTQ+ people, we back the community up as well. It is not always easy for its members to find qualified unbiased help without judgment and discrimination even among the professional community of human rights defenders and psychologists.

How can we help?

Community Centre is created to provide comprehensive assistance to LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones.

Once you or your friends, being representatives of LGBTQ+, have faced discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, or have become a victim of a hate crime against LGBTQ+ people and need psychological support, you as well as your parents, relatives or friends can turn to us for help.

Using CC services, you can be sure that your personal information will not be disclosed. All services of the centre are free of charge, except from the mutual help group for LGBTQ+ people, whose work will be partly covered by the members of the group.

Psychological support

CC provides psychological support for the members of LGBTQ+ and their relatives. There is a mutual aid group for LGBTQ+ and their parents. Psychological trainings for LGBTQ+ people are regularly held within the CC. You can follow the trainings schedule on our website, as well as in CC public posts on social networks.

Legal support

The CC is ready to provide you with legal support. If you or your loved ones face discrimination based on your gender identity or sexual orientation or have become a victim of a hate crime against LGBTQ+, you can contact us for legal consulting. Consultations are provided both virtually and in a form of a personal meeting with the CC lawyer. We also collect and document cases of discrimination and crimes against LGBTQ+ people in Belarus.

Education and culture

The CC team implements various projects in the field of art and education, holds the festival of queer culture DOTYK and various exhibitions. By our cultural and educational activities we aspire to overcome the manifestations of discrimination, we support and promote the idea of equality regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

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