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Psychological well-being

CC provides psychological support to representatives of LGBTQ+ and their relatives. On the basis of CC there are mutual aid groups for LGBTQ+ and their parents, psychological trainings for LGBTQ+ people are regularly held. For the schedule of trainings you can follow on our website, as well as in CC public posts on social networks. Leading psychologist CC - Polina Linnik.

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Consultation of a psychologist

Consultation of a psychologist/psychotherapist is a structured conversation that allows the client to talk about his problem, see it from a different angle, get support and recommendations for further improving the quality of life. In the CC you can get a free one-time consultation. A postal mail to with the subject of the letter "Consultation of a Psychologist". The duration of the consultation is 60 minutes.

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Self-help group

Therapeutic group for LGBTQ+

If you feel you want to cope with your hard feelings, get closer to your inner harmony and achieve emotional stability in your perception of yourself and others, this group is for you.

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Mutual aid group for parents of LGBTQ+ children

If you are a parent or close friend of LGBTTC + and you have no one to talk to about it, ask questions or just not get support from anyone, we will be happy to help you. 

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Psychological support group for LGBTQ + "Theory and practice of relativity"

In September 2017, a psychological support group for LGBTQ + "Theory and Practice of Relativity" will begin to work.

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Specially for the target group of the psychologist, the center's psychologist Polina Linnik has developed trainings that meet the most requested topics for working with the psychologist: overcoming crisis situations, self-confidence, fighting stress, working with situations of domestic violence. The schedule of trainings is available on the site and in public schools in social networks. You can sign up for trainings by mail, for this, specify your name, age and contact phone number in the letter, and in the subject of the letter the name of the training and the date of the training.

Therapeutic training "Miracle and You. Overcoming crisis situations"

Art-therapeutic training "I and Others"

Therapeutic training "Resilio"

Training "Victim. Rescuer. Aggressor. Running on a triangle"

Two-day workshop "Money and relations"

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