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LGBTQ+ rights

If you or you relatives faced discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation, or became a victim of a LGBTQ+ hatred crime, you can contact us for legal advice. Community Centre (CC) conducts human rights activities through legal advice and monitoring of cases of discrimination and crimes against LGBTQ+ people in Belarus.

Legal advice

Contacting the CC for legal advice, you will receive support from an experienced lawyer who has been dealing with LGBTQ+ cases for seven years. Consultations are provided by e-mail and by personal meeting. You can sign up by using any of the feedback forms on the site or by writing to the CC e-mail address with the subject line "Legal advice". The service is free of charge.

Monitoring of offenses against LGBTQ+ people

The CC is working to collect and document cases of discrimination and crimes against LGBTQ+ people in Belarus. Information about crimes based on homophobia, transphobia or other LGBTQ+ discrimination needs lighting and shouldn’t go unnoticed. All collected information will visually reflect the existence of discrimination against LGBTQ+ as well as point out the need to amend the national legislation.

You can report such cases by filling out the form below. All personal information will be protected from disclosure.

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